Seven Days

Added on 13 May 2019

There is no doubt that the Internet has simplified the property searching process as one way or another it effectively holds a fairly comprehensive list of all available stock on the market. But it is only a tool – best harnessed when it supports the “people” aspect of estate agency.

In these times of standardisation, efficiency and automation, we still find that people really appreciate personal interaction once they have actually selected properties in which they may be interested from our website or a property portal.

Although buyers can search for property details any time, any day, they cannot physically view them unless the agent is available to show them at a convenient time. This is especially the case where spouses/partners wish to view together, or need a second visit in a more relaxed environment, rather than rushing to see a property during a lunch hour, or in the evening when it may well be dark.

We therefore find it incredible that so many agents are only open five days a week, when most people want to discuss their needs and view properties over the weekend. We know from our own experience that Saturdays and Sundays are by far the busiest period of the week for estate agents, and we enjoy talking to buyers and sellers who contact us at this time.

We believe it would be a disservice to our clients not to be open seven days a week. Seven-day opening means we are in touch with more buyers. More buyers means more activity, ultimately leading to faster sales and higher prices for our clients.

So when the time comes for you to consider moving, why not phone us over the weekend – when many of our competitors are closed !

Peter Ryder

Managing Director

Thorntons Property

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