Lettings and Student Accommodation

Houses, flats to let including St Andrews student accommodation.

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36 South StreetFlat2£1,450 pcm
2 Lawhead School HouseFlat2£1,300 pcm
13 Abbey CourtFlat3£1,200 pcm
5 Kirkaldy CourtSemi-Detached2£900 pcm
59 Cupar Road GuardbridgeFlat2£600 pcm
2 Arbroath RoadFlat3£600 pcm
59 Magdalan Yard RoadFlat0per week £225
Queen StreetFlat1per week £113
8 The Maltings NewburghFlat1per week £103
10 Aipple Yaird NewburghFlat1per week £72

Contact: letting@thorntons-law.co.uk or 01334 474455.

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