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Added on 30 May 2016


IT’s an endlessly popular subject for TV documentary series’, a standard subject of conversation and it arguably defines the aspirations of so many of us — property.

Since the boom in home ownership in the 1980s, a huge percentage of people want to invest in their own home and the calibre of an estate agent is of massive importance as folk deal with the biggest investment of their lives.

Natalie Stewart stepped into this world just six months ago and is loving it.
She’s a sales administrator at Thorntons, in Yeaman Shore, Dundee, and the first point of contact for those who’ve seen a property in the window or online.

“I was in the motor trade for years but this is much more fulfilling,” said Natalie, 40, from Menzieshill.

“We have a chance to play a part in getting people the home they want and when you’re able to phone up with the good news, they’re delighted — and you can imagine the satisfaction I get too.

“I have to be completely familiar with the IT systems and the details of all the properties we’re marketing. These have to be painstakingly accurate and kept up to date so that the team at Thorntons and potential buyers always have access to the most up-to-date information.

“Being able to communicate well is essential — one moment I’ll be speaking to a young couple interested in their first flat, the next it could be a client inquiring about a £1million property we are selling.

“Both are looking for efficient professionalism but the young couple might appreciate a slightly more relaxed approach.”

Not only are people dealing with huge sums of money, making a significant commitment and looking forward to their future, those who are making their first foray into the property world can also view such a step with some trepidation.

“That’s where the reassurance comes in,” added Natalie. “Property can seem a little intimidating so they want someone with experience who can guide them through the process.

“If someone is interested in a property, my colleagues can give them an accompanied tour of the property they’re interested in — something I hope to be doing before too long — so they can learn more about the area, the amenities, that sort of thing.”

Natalie’s role is primarily nine-to-five, Monday to Friday, admin/IT skills are a must and, naturally, an interest in the property world and helping people achieve their property goals are fundamental.

PROPERTY could lead to an exciting and fulfilling career and, while those dealing with the legal aspects of the industry have to possess the necessary university-level qualifications, there’s plenty of scope for coming in at ground level and working your way up.

Peter Ryder, managing director at Thorntons Property, explained: “If you were interested in a role like Natalie’s, which is a vital role as you are the face of Thorntons, you need to be enthusiastic.

“You have to be a great communicator with high customer service skills.

“Ideally you would have a strong interest in property and be able to demonstrate that you know the local market and area well as many clients rely on us to help them obtain their property goals.”

Aim high!

By Stewart Ross

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