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Added on 18 January 2021

Every size and shape of estate agency is represented in this area, from the one-man band, to the independent firm and the national operator, and each one has their respective merits.   

There’s the one-man band who’s been in the area for years, although can often be too reliant on an overworked key individual. They can also have difficulty attracting and retaining good staff and often struggle to cope.

It may be that you have a long-standing connection with an old-school family solicitor who also happens to sell property, although this does not of course make them the right people to do so, especially where proactive salesmanship is concerned. Scotland is moving on from those old days.

Then there is the representative office of a large national estate agency chain, where selling financial services, or even your data, may be of greater interest than selling its clients’ properties. Area, district and regional managers come and go as they seek to build the empire, and a strong focus on national targets can override the delivery of the high-quality local service customers rightfully expect.

On balance, we are reminded of how proud we are to be a fully independent team of property sales and lettings professionals who love their job and who really are the passionate local experts. As our partners are thoroughly involved in the day to day running of the agency, local accountability is retained and each valued client gets the attention they deserve. Every one of our clients, be they owners of a country estate, a city townhouse, a terraced cottage or a one bedroom flat receives the same level of care from our committed team.

We like to think that our style of agency is not only professional and effective, but also distinctive and enjoyable, and our market reach is second to none.

If this sounds like your style of agency, then perhaps we should talk. Please feel free to call 03330 430090 for a free and confidential chat without obligation.

Peter Ryder

Managing Director

Thorntons Property

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