Tayside property specialists lead the way in boom time

Added on 16 September 2015

Thorntons is leading the way as the Tayside property market booms.

Statistics from the  Dundee branch show the area’s market is seeing a real increase in activity.

Against the same time in 2014 Dundee has seen:

  • The total value of properties sold rise by 45%
  • The number of properties sold go up by 31%
  • The average price of property sold rise by 9%

Average prices at Thorntons are also ahead of Home Report value, another significant change from 2014, while popular property styles are selling well with closing dates being set.

Dundee is also experiencing a massive increase in new build activity as investors recognise its massive potential for investment – with the firm seeing whole developments selling during the construction phase.

George Solley, director of property sales at Thorntons, predicted this overall upturn last year:

 “Dundee enjoyed huge success during the last property boom and Thorntons lead the way then. The city still has the ingredients which created those successes and has even more to offer now - the developing waterfront area including the V&A, for example.

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